Making Your Home Energy Efficient

Making you home energy efficient will save on the environment and your wallet. That all sounds good but exactly how do you do it? Here are 10 top ways to make that happen.

energy audit

First, get an energy audit. 

This is where a professional comes in and assesses your home and tell you what needs the most attention. Its a good idea because they know places to look that we wouldn’t even think of. FYI, We offer them here at Newhouse and Sun…

Second, Seal up doors and windows

Use caulking or other methods to seal around doors and windows. These are the number one way we lose energy in our homes. You can also check attics and basement for cracks and hole.

Third, insulate the attic

Half the homes in the US are under insulated. This is easy to do and you will notice the difference.

Fourth, seal your ductwork 

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that roughly a fifth of this air escapes through leaks. Use duct sealant to fix any leaks.

Fifth, install a programmable thermostat 

These devices “save about 10 percent on your heating bills and your cooling bills in the summer, so they pay for themselves literally in a matter of months,” says Kateri Callahan, president of the Alliance to Save Energy.

Sixth, install new windows

New windows can save you a bundle. They also add to the value of your home so its a win/win

Seventh, install energy efficient doors

Avoid hollow doors! I know they are cheaper but the air goes right thru them.

Eighth, install storm windows

This can be a cheaper option than window replacement if your interior windows are in good shape.

Ninth, replace old systems

Replacing your HVAC units can lower your monthly energy bills. Not to mention make the home overall more comfortable. Make sure you have done the other steps before you do this one though, otherwise you lose it all.

Tenth, install a new water heater

Water heating takes up 15 to 25 percent of the homes energy usage. Energy efficient water heaters can significantly lower that!

Now that you’ve done all of these your house should be free of drafts, be more comfortable and you should start seeing a drop in your energy bills. Energy is expensive! Here at Newhouse and Sun we offer all of the services listed above as well as solar panels…but that’s a different blog! Why not give us a call today? (978) 657-7274


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