Ceramic and Porcelain and Stone ~ OH MY!

Which Tile Should You Choose?

Picking out tile can be a lot of work. With so many colors, textures and designs, it can be stressful too. Below is a short video that describes the different types of tiles and where they are best used. I’ve also included ten tips that can help you with choosing the right one for you. You can do this!

1, Remember a light color tiles make a smaller room feel bigger.

2, Be creative. Don’t be afraid of color and designs.

3, Don’t settle. Consider tile an investment and don’t compromise.

4, Plan ahead. Always purchase 5-10% more than you think you’ll need for mistakes and breakages.

5, Choose a tile grout color that compliments your tiles to help blend in grout lines.

6, If your wall or floor will require a lot of tile cuts (i.e. around fixtures/fittings), choose smaller tiles to give a better flow.

7, Try breaking up your wall tiles with a nice border.

8, Check the suitability. Make sure your tile is rated for where you plan to use it. ( ex. high traffic, outdoors etc..)

9, Make sure you always seal and treat the tiles.

10, Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The people at your local hardware stores are always willing to show off their knowledge!


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