Garage Door Problems

If you have a garage on your home, than you know what I mean. There always seems to be something that’s going on with them. While some of the issues can be serious and should be done by a professional, some of them are a simple fix.

Here’s just a few….



There are so many moving parts in a garage door. To stop noises, always make sure the wheel tracks, hinges and bearings are always well lubricated.


Springs are supposed to be tight wound to work properly. Over time, they tend to wear or even break. This one you might want to call professional. It seems simple but people get hurt this way more often than not.


Make sure the safety cables are properly installed and well maintained. These can be a life saver. If you have an older garage and you don’t have safety cables, you may want to look into them.

Track Misalignment 

Over time, the tracks can become warped, bent, etc.. This makes opening the doors next to impossible. Depending on your skill level you may be able to do this yourself. When in doubt, call someone!


Sensor issues just happen. They malfunction on your car and they malfunction on your garage doors. This is something you’ll most likely have to call someone in for.

The basic need to open and close a garage door is something that many people only think about when repairs are needed. Don’t wait for something to happen. Act now!


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