10 Tips For Keeping Your House Warmer This Winter

Winter is just around the corner and along with it comes cold weather and higher energy bills.

No one wants to spend more money than absolutely necessary, so I’ve come up with a 10 tips for keeping your house warmer this winter. So let’s get cozy and start saving money!


Install a programmable thermostat

This will help lower your bill. It automatically adjusts for times when no one is home, like work, school or even vacation.

Allow sunlight in during the day

Open all blinds/curtains and let that sun shine. There are reasons dogs and cats lay in the rays!

Close blinds/curtains at night

This will keep the cold out and the heat in. You may even want to consider buying thermal window treatments. I know they boast energy efficiency.

Use your ceiling fans

Most ceiling fans have a winter mode. Its a little switch that changes direction of the blades. Heat rises, so turing your fan on low will circulate the heat back down where it belongs.

Don’t block vents

Blocked vents cause your efficiency to go way down. Go around and make sure all of your vents ( and returns ) are free from any obstructions.

Seal up any leaks

Go around the outside. basement and attic of your home and caulk any areas where cold air could come in. Windows, doors, etc.. everywhere. For a little help with this, see this guide from energystar.gov on sealing your home!

Make use of your doors

If you are in one room a lot, you may want to consider closing that door while you are in there. You can crank the heat in that one room and it wont disperse to the rest of the house. The same thing goes for room that you don’t use often. Try closing off those rooms so its less square footage to heat.

Use the oven

Baking and roasting are multi use in the winter. You have great food to enjoy but also reap the benefits of the oven heating the kitchen. Most of us don’t use the oven much in the summer so now’s the time to get your baking on!

Throw rugs

Wood and tile floors can be the cause of up to 10% of your heat loss. Why not throw a rug down, even if it’s just for the winter. It not only adds a nice cozy feel but it keeps you warmer too.

Bundle up

Ultimately, it’s you that cares about being cold, not the house. Keep things like slippers and throw blankets handy. Stock up on tea and hot chocolate. Switch to flannel sheets and add extra blankets to the bed. Anything you can think of to make yourself nice and toasty. Let’s face it..no one like to be cold!


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