Tips to Increase Your Home’s Value

Increasing your homes value is easier than you think. With these tips and tricks, your home will be worth more in no time!daves house

Plan Your Remodel

Have a plan. Whether it’s new construction or an older home, impulse decisions are never a good idea. Start slowly. It’s a work in progress, not a race. Make a list of the things you want to change and categorize them according to cost. Once you’ve done that, narrow it down to the “must haves” and the “wants,” keeping your budget in mind as well as what ones will add actually value to your home. The rest you can work when you have some spare cash.

Take On One Room At A Time

Whether it’s a simple coat of paint or gutting an entire room, taking on one room at makes things attainable and get’s things done! This way the rest of the house still functions instead of living in complete disorder.

Small Improvements Can Really Pay Off

Homeowners are usually torn between making decorative changes or upgrades. I say do a little of both. Make two lists. One for upgrades and the other for decor. Pick some from each list, the ones that fit your budget and go with them. Add something from alternating lists say every other month. Whether it’s new hardware, a new faucet, new window treatments or a new lamp, over time you will see an increase in your enjoyment of the home and in it’s value!

Clean Your House

Everyone loves a clean house. People can tell a lot about you by how you keep your home. Take one room at a time. Organize and throw out anything that you don’t want/need anymore. By cleaning your house one room at a time you accomplish many things. First, you are able to spot and stay on top of any maintenance issues. Second, you don’t allow dirt and clutter to build up over time. Third and most important, a clean home is healthier and better for your family!

Curb Appeal

Take a walk around the neighborhood. Take note of all of the things you admire about your neighbors homes. Things that make them feel warm and welcoming. When you get back, stand in the road and look at your house. Does it have any of those qualities you liked? If not, change it. Paint the door, add a flower bed, some new light fixtures maybe? Whatever you saw around the neighborhood that you liked. Whatever you do to improve your home’s curb appeal will increase the value of your home.

The Kitchen

Paint the walls a different color. Sounds simple but it makes a world of difference. Maybe paint the cabinets instead or try a different finish on them. If that’s too much try swapping out the hardware. Maybe add a tile back splash* or redo your counter tops.* Add stainless steel appliances or an island. The possibilities are endless.

*For ideas on faux finishes on counter tops and for tile back splash ideas, see some of our previous blogs for step by step videos


As we’ve already covered, keep it clean. The bathroom is the first place to get grime and mold so stay on top of it. Nothing looks worse than that! Try adding a new vanity. The big hardware stores carry box sets now. They come with the vanity, sink and matching mirror. They have several different choices and they are all very reasonable in price. Add an upgraded faucet and it will look like you spent a fortune. You could use the same faux granite technique we discussed earlier on your old vanity. Changing out lighting make a huge difference. If you want to really pamper yourself, install heated towel holders and a toilet seat. Now that’s living!

Pay Down Your Principle 

Before we go there is one more thing to increase value on your home and that is pay down the principle. You don’t have to go crazy but a little extra here and there can make a huge difference in the end. Also look into refinancing. When and if the market changes, so will the rates. Take advantage of lower rates but be careful of the fine print. You don’t want to get into something that could be worse in the long run

Well that’s it for now. Whether you plan to sell or retire in your home, these tips will help you get the most enjoyment and investment out of your home!


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