Winter Preparation Checklist

Winter is on it’s way! Being proactive, you will lower your energy bills, increase efficiency and the lifespan of your home. Here is a checklist to make sure you keep the warmth in and Old Man Winter out!!


Windows and Doors

Check all weatherstripping and replace if necessary. Install storm windows and doors. Check for drafts and caulk where necessary. Replace any cracked or broken glass.


Trim any branches that hang over wires in case of ice storms. Clean, dry and store all patio furniture. Bring in and store any decorations that are made of glass or stone. They can crack in the cold. Drain and remove hoses. Shut off valves to the outside. Check walkways and handrails to ensure ease of shoveling and decreased chances of falling.


Winterize your lawnmower. Bring in and store any other landscaping equipment. Move shovels and snowblower to the front of the garage. Get your roof rake ready as well as an ample supply of ice melt.


Remove window air conditioners. Inspect and clean fireplace. Replace the air filter in your furnace. Make sure smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working. Change the batteries if you haven’t in a while. Replace old thermostats with energy efficient ones. Change the position of the ceiling fans to circulate heat. Check the insulation in attics, basements and other places.


Check for any loose or damaged shingles and replace. Make sure the gutters are clean, secure and the downspouts drain far away from the house. Check the chimney flashing and seal where needed. Check all vents and openings for debris.

Now you’re ready for winter. Bring on the snow!


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